I'm MJ. Twenty Three. Girl. I am smitten with fairytales and their adaptations (especially Peter Pan and Snow White). I listen to country music because it makes me warm and happy and if I could live in Nashville, I totally would. I watch too much television, fall in love with musical theatre shows and am unashamedly in awe of Miley Cyrus.

I also fangirl a lot of tv/my otps so you may find a lot of that here. Also, my girl Jessy Schram :)

What you might currently find here: Nashville, Clare Bowen, New Girl, Lucy Hale, Ezra and Aria, Bo and Kenzi, Nick and Jess, Avery and Juliette, Gunnar and Scarlett.

29th August 2014

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28th August 2014

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stonelyonne said: For that meme thing... American Horror Story :)

Ooo so many to choose from.

Favourite Female: Violet Harmon
Favourite Male: Kit Walker
3 Other Favourite Characters: Cordelia Foxx, Grace Bertrand, Madison Montgomery
3 OTPS: Tate/Violet, Kit/Grace, Rubberman/Vivien (only kidding, I honestly don’t have a third)
Notp: Dr. Arthur Arden/Sister Mary Eunice
Funniest Character: Either Queenie or Constance Langdon
Prettiest Character: Either Nora Montgomery, Zoe Benson or Vivien Harmon.
Most Annoying Character: Ben Harmon
Most Badass Character: Lana Winters
Character I’d Like As My BFF: Misty Day
Female Character I’d Marry: Vivien Harmon
Male Character I’d Marry: Kit Walker
Character I Hate/Dislike/Least Like: Dr. Oliver Thredson or Fiona Goode

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28th August 2014

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"you start having these intense friendships with other girls…"

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28th August 2014

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28th August 2014

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Leave a Fandom in my Ask

  • Favourite Female:
  • Favourite Male:
  • 3 Other Favourite Characters:
  • 3 OTPs:
  • Notp: 
  • Funniest character:
  • Prettiest character:
  • Most Annoying Character:
  • Most badass character:
  • Character I’d like as my BFF:
  • Female Character I’d Marry:
  • Male Character I’d Marry:
  • Character I hate/dislike/least like:

28th August 2014

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25th August 2014

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Peyton Sawyer appreciation week » day 6: favourite storyline

I’m supposed to be back at the base by now.
Why aren’t you?
Because m y  l i t t l e  s i s t e r needed me. 

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25th August 2014

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I have gathered together every female character that Falling Skies hasn’t ruined…


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25th August 2014

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25th August 2014

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